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Date: 27 June posted by adminon

It is an unfortunate fact that through the actions of a minority, Islam and Muslims have become closely associated with terrorism,and indeed almost synonymous with the term.Islam has never been challenged from within as it is now. Scholars are therefore obliged to respond, and their response should be intellectual.The need for clarity is intensified by the fact that a number of media outlets have jumped at the opportunity to promote a false equivalency between the ideology of terrorist groups and the position of mainstream Muslims and Islam.

Through the website www.muhammadthemerciful.com , we aim to give Islamic scholarly critique of terrorism based on evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah and authentic sources and drawing on scholarship of all Islamic schools of thought.The website provides authentic material taken from books of mainstream scholars, illustrating the merciful character of the Prophet(peace be upon him) in all its aspects,towards humans and more generally towards all beings.

For Muslims, this website is a means to celebrate the magnanimous personality of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) and an incentive to instill the great qualities of Prophet (peace be upon him) in their own lives, while the academics can discover how these qualities as described in the Islamic literature have caused the Prophet(peace be upon him) to occupy his prominent position in the religious consciousness of Muslims.