The Concept of Peace and Its Importance

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The Concept of Peace and its Importance in Islam



There are great many verses which demonstrate the fact that PEACE is considered to be among the greatest of the moral and ethical virtues by the religion of Islam.

  • The word Islam itself is derived from root word SALAM which is plural form of salama(safety and security). The following verse provides proof for lexical meaning of Islam.

Almighty Allah says in the Glorious Qur’an:

By this Allah guides those who seek His pleasure to the PATHS to PEACE[subul al-salam] (and security)….►{Surah Al-Maidah Chapter 5 : Verse 16}

According to Al-Zujjaj , SALAM comes from Salama which means supplication for a man to remain safe and secure from hardships and troubles.

Every word conjugated from Islam means peace ,  security and safety.


  • PEACE (Al-Salaam) is one of Almighty Allah’s names.

He says, “He is Allah, than Whom there is no other Allah, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One, PEACE, the Keeper of Faith, the Guardian, the Majestic, the Compeller, the Superb.

Glorified be Allah from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him).” ►{Surah Al-Hashr Chapter 59 :Verse 23 }

Due to it being one of God’s beautiful names this word reflects all shades of peace , beauty , betterment and goodness.


  • Almighty Allah gave the name HOUSE OF PEACE (i.e. Dar al-Salaam) to Paradise when He said :

Verse #1

And Allah calls towards the HOME OF PEACE (Paradise), and guides whom He wills to the straight path. ►{Surah Yunus Chapter 10: Verse 25}

Verse #2

”For them is the ABODE OF PEACE with their Lord. He will be their Protecting Friend because of what they used to do.” ►{Surah Al-’An’am Chapter 6: Verse 127}

Paradise will be a home exclusively permeated with calmness and tranquility, pleasure and protection, peace and security. No fear , grief and pain will touch any of its inhabitants.





The Greetings of Peace



  •  “PEACE” is a saying which the faithful employ upon gathering together as well as upon dispersing. Almighty Allah commands the faithful to incorporate the word “PEACE” into theformulaic greeting with which they address one another. He commanded that it be used symbolically in all of life’s arenas, whether in the mosque, at places of learning, in industrial settings,or in commercial ventures. “Peace” is distributed, as it were, by the faithful five times each day at the very least, when it is pronounced during the closing of the canonical prayers in the utterance, “PEACE be upon you, as well as God’s mercy and blessings” (Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Barkatuhu ) two separate times.


  • It is the greeting with which the Angels address the believers, in Paradise.

And those who persisted in fear of Allah will (also) be conducted to Paradise in groups, until when they approach it (Paradise), its doors will have been opened for them (well before)

and the keepers of Paradise will say (greeting them): ‘PEACE be upon you! Be you glad and rejoicing, so enter it to live here forever.’ ►{Chapter 39 , Surah Az-Zumar: Verse 73}


  • Almighty Allah informs us that it is the greeting with which He meets his servants in Paradise.

‘PEACE(be upon you)!’ (This) greeting will be conveyed (to them) from the Ever-Merciful Lord.►{Surah Ya-Sin Chapter 36: Verse 58}


  • It is even the response with which the faithful are enjoined to reply when addressed by ignorant individuals.

And the (favourite) servants of the Most Kind (Lord) are those who walk gently on the earth and when the ignorant (i.e. impolite) people say to them something (unlikable) they (get aside) saying: PEACE’ ►{Surah Al-Furqan Chapter 25:Verse 63}


To be continued InshaAllah…….


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