Prophetic teachings regarding Khawarij Terrorists

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“Kharijites” are a deviant and heretical sect which came to being soon after the Prophet of Islam (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam ).They used to strictly observe the outward religious acts , which in turn instilled in  them with conceited belief that they were staunch Muslims and they considered all others as either disbelievers or disobedient. Satan planted seeds of arrogance in their hearts, which in turn caused them to see themselves as pure Muslims and others as impure, if Muslims at all. This mindset allowed them to kill people spread terror and plunder wealth and property without fear of sin. The historical records prove that the Kharijites considered blood a cheap commodity. They had no reservations about killing people and cared not one iota for those who were brought up with Prophet(peace be upon him)’s spiritual training. Prophet(peace be upon him) made it categorically clear that these people would continue to emerge, time and time again. It is easy to recognize the modern day Kharijites, for they share the same traits of those of old. They too shed the blood of people , they too brutally slaughter women and children and challenge the authority of the state; they too attack mosques, murder peaceful people engaged in worship and target them in marketplaces; they too call their dastardly deeds as JIHAD. All the current acts of terrorism committed by the so-called ‘Mujahidun’ are but a continuation of the Kharijite doctrine and ideology.


The Beloved Prophet(peace be upon him) beheld the state of affairs until the Day of Resurrection and also foretold of terrorism that would be committed in the name of religion. Therefore, he not only  distinguished jihad from murder,but also warmed Ummah of those who would perpetrate violence and bloodshed in the name of religion. He clearly described the behavior patterns and signs of those so-called Mujahidun, so as to remove all doubts about their heinous designs and evil intentions, that the Ummah might not get deceived by their pious appearance and abundant worship and recitation of the Qur’an.He urged the Ummah to stay away from the turmoil.


The Qur’an informs us that they will be the greatest of losers in the hereafter:

Say: ‘Shall We alert you of those who are great losers in respect of deeds? It is those whose entire struggle is wasted in worldly life, but they presume they are doing very good works.{Surah Kahaf Chapter 18 : Verse 103-104}


One of the views mentioned by Imam Al-Tabari states that the losers mentioned in these verse are the Kharijites.{Ibn Jarir Al-Tabari Jami al-Bayan ,16:33-34}




Who are the Khawarij?


Before examining signs,beliefs and doctrines of the Kharijites let us cite some of the definitions that scholars have given for them.


Imam Al-Nawawi(R.A.) said :

The Kharijites are a group of blameworthy innovators who believe that a person who commits a grave sin falls into disbelief and will eternally reside in Hell. For this reason, they defame

the rulers and do not participate in the congregational prayers or the Friday prayers with them.{Rawdat al-Talibin,Yahya Al-Nawawi}


Ibn Hajar(R.A.)  states:

“The word “Kharijites” is the plural form of Kharija[he who went out] which means a faction.They are a group of blameworthy innovators,and are called rebels because of their leaving the religion and rebelling against the best of Muslims.{Ibn Hajar, Fath Al-Bari 12:283}


Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“And these Kharijites are not only the armed groups that was known in history {During Caliphate of Hadhrat Ali(Radiyallahu Anhu) rather, they are the ones who will appear time and time again until the time of the Anti-Christ(Al-Dajjal).{Ibn Taymiyyah Majmu’a Al -Fatawa, 28-495-496}


The Prophet(peace be upon him)’s particular mention of the group that appeared during the time of Hadrat Ali(Radiyallahu anhu) was due to the many traits found in them. Anyone in whom these traits are found is counted amongst them, for the particular mention of them, was not because ruling applied to them alone ,but rather it was because of those who were addressed during Prophet(peace be upon him)’s time needed to fix their identity in the times to come.{Ibid 28:476-477}


Reference Book : Fatwa on Terrorism by Shaykh ul Islam

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