Views of Mainstream scholars on Terrorsim

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Islam doesnot promote terrorism


Islam does not permit at all the massacre of innocent citizens, and explosions, and suicide bombing in business centers, streets and markets, and mosques, national installations, and other public places. The terrorists and their groups are perpetrating obvious deviation and digression from the Islamic teachings, and, are spreading rebellion and militancy, and massacre and carnage, and disruption, dissension and strife on earth.

A torturous wave of terrorism has been defaming  the Muslim Umma, in general, for last many years. This is doubtlessly evident that, while the Muslims as a collective entity condemn, resist and fight terrorism, and are not ready to accept even its remotest possible link with Islam there are some people who are also seen supporting it on quiet. Instead of opposing and condemning it openly and downrightly, they confuse it, making it a hotchpotch.

Among the national, regional and international factors responsible for terrorism the conspiracies of anti-Islamic forces, their severe violations of the Muslims’ rights, the double standards maintained by the influential powers in the international disputes and injustice and oppression done to the subjugated and the oppressed communities are basic.

Similarly, the armed strife and disruption by the terrorists, the carnage and slaughtering of people, the suicide bombing against the innocent and peaceful communities, and explosions in the mosques, shrines, educational institutions, business streets, government institutions and buildings, trade centers, the defense training centers, embassies,transports, and places of the civil society have become a daily routine. These people mix up the brutal killing of the hundreds and thousands of people and the activities of butchery and slaughter of humanity with Jihad , and make, in this way, topsy-turvy the entire Islamic concept of Jihad . This is causing great ambiguity, doubt and perversion to the youths, in particular, and the simple and clean-hearted Muslims, in general.

We take a look at what mainstream Ulema have to say about terrorism and concept of Jihad.



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